Sweet Potato Latte

YakiniQCafe_0the drink400This recipe was inspired by a drink at the YakiniQ Cafe, in San Francisco.  In the heart of Japantown, Christy and Ray are very proud of their concoction, and rightfully so.  This creamy delicious sweet potato latte was the highlight of Edible Excursion’s Japantown tour for Yeni, as she vows to figure out a way to find it or make it back home in LA.

YakiniQ Cafe is located at 1640 Post St. San Francisco.  415-441-9291

Note: While we won’t print their amazing authentic recipe, here’s one that’ll delight you if you do not live anywhere near San Francisco’s YakiniQ Cafe.

Sweet Potato Latte

Serves: 1 cup


1 cup soy or almond milk
3 Tablespoons cooked sweet potato (4 if you like it thicker)
2 teaspoons sugar, acacia honey, or agave
1-2 drops pure vanilla extract


Heat the ingredients in a pot on the stove over medium heat. When heated through pour contents into the blender and whiz until foamy then pour into a mug and serve.  You can also dilute ingredients in the cup if you don’t feel like using a blender.  Enjoy hot or over ice.


-ground cinnamon
-shaved almonds-whipped cream
-splash of caramel



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